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So I’m in the 80% that are wrong

First off, before I get too wordy, proof that I have been crocheting: Legs is wearing his latest version of The Best Guy Hat Ever, courtesy of Interweave Crochet. Fortunately this is a dead easy, rather fun pattern, so I didn’t mind having to do version 2. He inherited my family’s extra-large head size, and… Continue reading So I’m in the 80% that are wrong


And the chaos spreads

And the chaos spreads.

Sigh. I finished the body of the sweater, including the trim. The second time through, I was extra careful with the counting, and I had the exact number of stitches I needed when I started the trim. And it came out perfect. The scalloped trim matched up perfectly and the join is barely visible! Yay!

So I did the same for the sleeves. I counted very carefully, and had the correct number of stitches when I started the trim.

So when I completed the sleeve trim, WHY IS IT 3 STITCHES OFF???????? There is no way to join this neatly, and I cannot find an error.

This was Monday. Frustrated, I stalked out to the family room, propped up the leg, and started working on my afghan. Only to discover a skein of yarn was missing. AN ENTIRE SKEIN. In a color I needed for the current block, of course. Wasn’t in the floor, or under the couch cushions, or by the recliner. How do you lose a whole skein? Really?

So yesterday evening the neighbor kid came over to take out the trash. (I have awesome neighbors.) So I set him to crawling on the floor looking UNDER the furniture. No luck. Finally he popped the recliner back and . . . there was the yarn, stuck up in the mechanism for the leg rest.

Sigh. The crochet gremlins are going to send me over the edge.


Looking for Color

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know I’ve been expending good deal of time and energy (and money) remodeling some of the rooms in my house. And they are now wearing lovely, vibrant colors on their walls. However, the comfy sofa from the basement isn’t quite as colorful. Comfy, but not a… Continue reading Looking for Color

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Finally, a Ta-Da and a knee

Here it is, finally. My hodge-podge of a DIY project is done, and it’s a—tablet cover!! Not the best picture and actually not as necessary now, since my sweet sister bought me the cover/bluetooth keyboard for my Lenovo Yoga tablet. However, since I added a pen/stylus clip and a pocket to hold the cleaning cloth,… Continue reading Finally, a Ta-Da and a knee

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An Early Christmas

Well, at least for me. I’ve ordered all sorts of presents for other people, but yesterday was when all the packages for me arrived! First package was from Replacements LTD. My stainless pattern, from my wedding 20+? years ago was Oneida’s Damask Rose, which they discontinued (of course—although they are still making my mother’s wedding… Continue reading An Early Christmas