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Progress! One sodden, RIT-dyed cape for Joseph is ready for the dryer! Yes, we lost costumes for Joseph and Mary. Fortunately, years before I took over, some kind mother made two white cotton capes. I dyed one brown for Joseph several years back, and kept the other one back in case we needed a cape of a different color.


Well, the first brown cape is now in the landfill, so thanks to the magic of RIT, Joseph will have his traveling cape for Sunday’s pageant. And his traveling bag! Babs had stored the bag and the boxes the three magi carry in her VBS props box!! Yay!! (I was scared Wednesday afternoon that the boxes had been tossed also. Huge relief.) I have also made 5 robes and one poncho–Mary’s robe is the only full robe still needing to be made. And make sure there are enough headpieces/wraps for everyone.



Àaaand…we’re down

Again. [sigh] I went to the grocery store, came back, and the computer has crashed. It’s in failure to boot mode.

So I may not be getting back into blogging as quickly as I thought. I am posting from my tablet, which is not the greatest for typing.

I will try to keep posting, but for now I am going to curl up with my new, non-digital book. Good night!


And the chaos spreads

And the chaos spreads.

Sigh. I finished the body of the sweater, including the trim. The second time through, I was extra careful with the counting, and I had the exact number of stitches I needed when I started the trim. And it came out perfect. The scalloped trim matched up perfectly and the join is barely visible! Yay!

So I did the same for the sleeves. I counted very carefully, and had the correct number of stitches when I started the trim.

So when I completed the sleeve trim, WHY IS IT 3 STITCHES OFF???????? There is no way to join this neatly, and I cannot find an error.

This was Monday. Frustrated, I stalked out to the family room, propped up the leg, and started working on my afghan. Only to discover a skein of yarn was missing. AN ENTIRE SKEIN. In a color I needed for the current block, of course. Wasn’t in the floor, or under the couch cushions, or by the recliner. How do you lose a whole skein? Really?

So yesterday evening the neighbor kid came over to take out the trash. (I have awesome neighbors.) So I set him to crawling on the floor looking UNDER the furniture. No luck. Finally he popped the recliner back and . . . there was the yarn, stuck up in the mechanism for the leg rest.

Sigh. The crochet gremlins are going to send me over the edge.


More snow

Wednesday morning there was at least 2.5 more inches, bringing my total to 13+ inches. Note the path to the door. When I went out last night just to shovel from the back of the van to the street, a neighbor and his dog came to help. We did the part I wanted, plus he dug me a path to the door. God bless good neighbors.


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In case you were confused…

wpid-img_20141213_1353002.jpg.jpegI apparently should not blog when I’m up past my bedtime. 😀

I love Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins, and I really enjoy doing the Sunday Sevens linkup. Helps me remember I have a blog some weeks. <grin> But apparently I discovered how to repost without knowing I was doing it. Not that I mind reposting Natalie’s blog–I just hadn’t intended it last night. I was reading after posting mine, and getting dozy, and voila! I discovered how to repost! By apparently clicking somewhere on the screen while nodding off.

Lesson learned–no blogging when you should be in bed. 😀

Perhaps some sugar would improve my alertness. So in response to a request for my espresso cookies, I went digging around to find the original source.  Ta-Dah!!  recipe.com to the rescue!  So here’s the link:

Chocolate-Dipped Espresso Cookies

And a bonus–the chocolate spicy stars which are rather different and very tasty:

Spicy Chocolate Shortbread